Using wet grit to clean a filthy V12 Jaguar engine – Edd China's Workshop Diaries

Edd China15 januára, 2022

Having exploded the rusty Range Rover into its constituent parts we now desperately need to tidy the workshop to make some space to keep all of those bits and pieces organised while we work through the refurbishment. Thing is though, despite many hands making light work, Paul seems hell bent on getting busy with his own project; a Jaguar V12 coffee table! So while he hurls ceramic shot beads at his filthy engine, I resign myself to tidying the workshop on my own but promptly find myself a new project to be distracted by… …a gnarly old boat that is far from ship-shape!…

Edd China’s Workshop Diaries Episode 38 – Procrastinating instead of tidying!.

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(31) comments

  • Edd China15. januára 2022Odpovedať

    Evening all. Hope this episode floated your boat and you had a real blast! Make sure you check the description above to find out some Christmas vouchers and deals on the Ansell gloves I use…

  • APJ15. januára 2022Odpovedať

    This particular video at 2X playback speed makes it very palatable 👍

  • Perry Elyod15. januára 2022Odpovedať

    I'm surprised Brits have coffee tables. I would think they have 'tea' tables.

  • Denilson Ramos15. januára 2022Odpovedať

    I follow your work here in Brazil 🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • The little VW body looks like some fibreglass ones that were made years back as kits to take a go kart type chassis for cruising about at shows. Always wanted one as a kid!

  • Donna Butt15. januára 2022Odpovedať

    great to see you both on the show from australia, keep it going…..

  • Süpersin Kolay gelsin

  • Dean Hovland15. januára 2022Odpovedať

    Dude keep your arms and hands still, hard to listen to what your saying.

  • Burleigh15. januára 2022Odpovedať

    That boat is lovely … not into boats but that does take my fancy. looking forward to see u do that up

  • Terry B15. januára 2022Odpovedať

    Edd now you are 'doing an American Chopper' bringing in fantastic tools. I was trained at GEC (Metrovic) building turbines and spent more time trying to find or steal tools than I did building the machines, this attitude in British industry is why we no longer have one. Great show. The bow of the boat is exactly the same as Charles Parsons Turbinia 33 knots 1894. I hesitate to give a tip from a sedentary position however..steam and gas turbines are notorious to remove small studs, what we would do is once the stud started to revolve say a quarter turn is lubricate with pen oil and reverse rotation slightly then start to rotate again this may prevent the stud 'necking' and breaking off. Great work fellas.

  • bill bullimore15. januára 2022Odpovedať

    Ed – you are using your spanners incorrectly. The reason the head is angled is so a component of your torque is directed towards the bolt/nut in use. Fundamental workshop practice matey!

  • rscossieboy15. januára 2022Odpovedať

    Great show and keep it up, can I ask why you didn’t use a stud extractor?

  • Craig Corbin15. januára 2022Odpovedať

    Hey Ed, Can the AquaBlaster be used on a machined aluminum surface without disturbing the finish? I have a Sachs Wankel Engine 6.5HP, and want to clean the engine to spotless condition before rebuilding. I've had a very tough time sourcing parts for this unique little motor ( NZ / AUS / USA ) and don't want to damage any critical surfaces. The Jag engine looked wonderful!

  • Dean Talbot15. januára 2022Odpovedať

    Keep them coming chaps. The Edd and Paul show is the natural evolution of the Wheeler Dealers era. The best saved ‘til last!

  • Daniel Fleming15. januára 2022Odpovedať

    So glad to see Edd working on cool projects!! I Miss the original wheeler dealer!! Glad I found you on YouTube 🙂

  • matt standage15. januára 2022Odpovedať

    I like the shirt Edd 🙂

  • edd what are you doing to poor paul he is looking worse for ware !

  • beautifulsmall15. januára 2022Odpovedať

    What do you wash your welding gloves in, they come out lovely. Nice work . Stuck bolts, just removed some heavily coroded head bolts with a week of kroil and tapping with a hammer, finally socket hammered onto the remaining bolt stub.removed them.

  • gareth500015. januára 2022Odpovedať

    Captain Pugwash😁

  • Peter Labiak15. januára 2022Odpovedať

    LOL, heating up the studs to extract them, priceless! Heated bolt expands and wedges itself into threads quite nicely:) A wild idea – what about heating up the block where the hole for the stud is and freezing the bolt? Hole expands, bolts shrinks and comes out with no effort. Also, squirting penetrants on few hundred degrees hot bolt is not only pointless as it evaporates instantly doing absolute zilch but also rather unhealthy and dangerous. You had a bad day chaps ? 😀

  • David Viegas15. januára 2022Odpovedať

    love your show, real problems and real solutions, most of the times the identification of the problem is simple but the complicated part are the suds, nuts and bolts…

  • 1699bridgetown15. januára 2022Odpovedať

    Oh Edd, you have got all the tools! Man, its like Christmas Day at Machine Mart except they have it all in stock! That Aqua Blast is amazing relative to a grit blaster! Glad to see that the pros have as much trouble as us amateurs at getting old studs out! Great show, love the detail and nice to hear Paul speaking after all those years with you on WD!

  • NORMLS15. januára 2022Odpovedať

    Clearly a special-tea workshop. How do I get to work in a place like this. I would work far less and have so many trick toys/tools to use

  • john hopkins15. januára 2022Odpovedať

    You were lucky. Spraying WD40 onto a stud with a hot welded nut makes it brittle and likely to shear. I speak from experience !

  • Awesome!

  • Galbi300015. januára 2022Odpovedať

    FYI The YouTube video quality when set on auto will not just take into account the screen size but also the bit rate of your connection. If there are bandwidth issues while you are watching a video it may set the quality lower. It's not perfect though as I have had many times where it thought my bandwidth could only cope with 420p! Setting it manually will often fix the problem though if you are actually having bandwidth issues you may get it pause to catch up.

  • Does the water/shot jet blasting of the connecting rods not damage the big end bearing surfaces ? In this case it does obviously not matter using the parts only for decoration but otherwise?

  • Tarks 99815. januára 2022Odpovedať

    Heat and flux works well as it gets into the threads dissolving the corrosion and intermetallic layer, flux has great wicking properties with heat better than penetration fluids that burn off almost instantly.

  • Ben Holtrop15. januára 2022Odpovedať

    just maybe a stupid question. Why heat up the bolt? I learned to heat up the block and cool down the bold. The bold will shrink and get loose

  • Garth McCarthy15. januára 2022Odpovedať

    Best tool ever invented< the Vice grip 😀

  • Ruben CR15. januára 2022Odpovedať

    This is such a good show

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