The Dark Knight — Creating the Ultimate Antagonist

Lessons from the Screenplay1 marca, 2022

Heath Ledger’s performance as The Joker is universally celebrated—and with good reason—but there is more to the character than his excellent performance. In this video I analyze what makes The Joker the perfect antagonist for The Dark Knight.

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(48) comments

  • There's only ONE antagonist, EVER, who was better than Ledger's Joker, and that's Hopkins' Hannibal.

  • Nicalite1. marca 2022Odpovedať

    This is why this movies ranked number 4 on imbd’s top 250 greatest movies of all time

  • joe gamer1. marca 2022Odpovedať

    a great video, this is the main reason that makes the movie such great

  • Arijit1. marca 2022Odpovedať

    Should we bow to him?

    YEAH, He's the KING 👑 (Heath Ledger)

  • Jalmari1. marca 2022Odpovedať

    10/10 video on a pretty much perfect film.

  • Ben Todd1. marca 2022Odpovedať

    Great Video! Well done mate!

  • 3:34 This is such a blasphemy… i can't believe you had the guts to say this 😅.

  • 0:12 He doesn't just say "gentlemen" he says "gentle men". Every single line of dialogue was totally studied by Heath, none of it was by accident. A bravura performance if there ever was one.

  • Ledger’s Joker is what makes Dark Knight the greatest superhero movie of all time.

  • I have to argue against the Man Of Steel comparison between both films final challenge. Even TDK has the Ferries, the final challenge is with his confrontation with Harvey that finally makes him The Dark Knight. Something similar happens in MoS, with Clark's final challenge being his final fist fight with Zod that makes him Superman. I get the comparison, but both have a strong final for the movie.

  • The reason why is cause of Hans Zimmers score

  • I love how you put Sherlock as a question mark for Joker's compatible enemies.

  • The ferry scene encapsulated how an edgelord’s projecting makes him so foul and socially inept- you can’t assume everyone is as nihilistic and self-destructive as you, and it is pure narcissistic delusion to believe otherwise.

  • "I want to be batman"
    "Oh you want to be a hero!"
    "No I simply want to be rich"

  • This sounds like Malcolm Gladwell. But without the soul.

  • A1SS 1051. marca 2022Odpovedať

    So basically joker is the best comic book villain and the dark knight is the best superhero movie yep I totally agree the whole trilogy was s tier not just tdk

  • How tdk doesn't get oscar for the best picture nominated or the best adapted screenplay? Oscar is such a dweeb

  • I love that line: 'The Joker isn't a great villain because he's got an insane laugh and acts unpredictably, he's great because he has a profound and specific effect on the story and on the protagonist'.
    All that. I think what so many Joker actors and even villains' from other series adapted for the screen get wrong is they think the audience wanted a certain look, or for them to act in a particular way without taking care to add ways that they specifically influence the heroes of the story so all that comes across is a kinda fun but flat character that you could almost cut out of the movie and replace with another generic villain and it would have no effect on the overall story.

  • bill finger also

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 this is literally “there Film Surgeon” that writers needed.
    OSP x CC x LFSP x SoL x Wc

  • Interesting how the characters are built intellectually to provide us an amazing experience.

  • B H-01. marca 2022Odpovedať

    Heath Ledger's performance is what made the role in that movie so great. It doesn't even need to be really hashed out.

  • Haize1. marca 2022Odpovedať

    I love watching your videos on films and directing. I have no clue if you like the movie but Prisoners (Denis Villeneuve) it's such a thrilling but beautiful movie and it definitely should be talked about my someone

  • The best Heroes have no superpowers.

    The best Villains have no superpowers.

    The mind is a more powerful weapon than any blade or bullet.
    Whoever can wield the other's mind, has the audience's heart.

  • The Joker1. marca 2022Odpovedať

    my name joker

  • El análisis es genial, gracias !

  • I am SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY that you noticed the connection between Se7en and The Dark Knight. I thought I was the only one lol

  • my fav movie

  • I watched this movie every day still not bored ..mind blowing 🤯… Love of my live.. 🔥❤️🔥 never getting old…

  • created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane

  • M Hlib1. marca 2022Odpovedať

    "just putting the joker in a movie doesn't make it great" pans to Jared Leto's joker LOL

  • Fantastic!

  • 🌟

  • 0:34 that yeah! 🔥

  • They would say he has a psychiatric problem. Lock him up.

  • Jacob Sow1. marca 2022Odpovedať

    Can you talk about Thanos pls?
    Both Joker and Thanos are my favorite movie villains

  • Cal60091. marca 2022Odpovedať

    Those are opposing goals, not the same goal.

  • Ghaul BS1. marca 2022Odpovedať

    Heath Ledger completely aced this role and he should of got an oscar

  • BATMAN CREATED BY BOB KANE AND BILL FINGER… for years that asshole Kane took all the credit….

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  • M V1. marca 2022Odpovedať

    Heath Ledger IS The Joker.

  • The best Batman, the best Joker and the best Batman movie.

  • Batman needs to take a course on Moral Particularism.

  • “Nothings scarier than facing someone with nothing to lose.”

  • Probably one of the best video to know and to understand the Nolan's Dark Knight in best possible way, in really good 10 minutes.
    This channel is for the Cinephile. If you're a true Cinema lovers; do Subscribe this channel.
    And this is not a paid comment.
    Thank you.

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