Free to Play: The Movie (International)

Valve19 apríla, 2022

FREE TO PLAY is a feature-length documentary that follows three professional gamers from around the world as they compete for a million dollar prize in the first Dota 2 International Tournament. In recent years, E Sports has surged in popularity to become one of the most widely-practiced forms of competitive sport today. A million dollar tournament changed the landscape of the gaming world and for those elite players at the top of their craft, nothing would ever be the same again. Produced by Valve, the film documents the challenges and sacrifices required of players to compete at the highest level.



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  • bbb b19. apríla 2022Odpovedať

    its good movie but i love it thanks for this video i am a fan

  • Ebbot Nielsen19. apríla 2022Odpovedať

    I think gaming and e sports is amazing and how you can get together and play. You can get so good at it. Is is unbeliveble. And that you can be better at games if you for example play piano. Can i get a HTC vive to play Half life alyx? good to see you make a movie about gaming. you do so much good for the Industry. i love it.

  • 2021. Dendi still playing Dota but with time I think he will retire soon. Hes not showing good games nowadays. Still a legend for me <3

  • Kongok19. apríla 2022Odpovedať

    A really inspirating movie and the action in the film!

  • Naruto.Boruto19. apríla 2022Odpovedať

    This movie is so emotional at the end I really love that movie. Can I have a free HTC vive? because I really wanted a vr headset plz

  • draggofishy19. apríla 2022Odpovedať

    this movie is really cool, its cool to see how three people compete in a one million dollar game contest.
    i love your htc vive even though i dont have it, i always wanted a valve.

  • wow this was so ispirational this encourages me to become a pro gamer i expecially love the part of this documentary is when they were having the tounament close to the end of the game 🙏 can I have a free vive i would be so apprieciative

  • Gideon kilimo19. apríla 2022Odpovedať

    Hello I very much enjoyed this video is very Inspirational to see how hard these players work to become better at their skills Can I have a free vive?

  • savage gamer19. apríla 2022Odpovedať

    this was an amazing movie it was emotional and just in all a great movie my favorite part is at 30:50
    . Can i have a free vive. And no im not doing this for the vive this is a good movie and would highly recomend it thank you.

  • Hello, i very much enjoyed this video, it's very inspirational to see how hard these players work to become better at their skill. Can i have free vive?

  • Skyler_HD19. apríla 2022Odpovedať

    I appreciate your work Valve

  • Skyler_HD19. apríla 2022Odpovedať

    I like this video! 🙂

  • Hi this is an inspirational video to see how hard these people have work and to know also what there have been throw. Can I have a free vive

  • angel319. apríla 2022Odpovedať

    i loved the way they coved them self

  • angel319. apríla 2022Odpovedať

    hello i very much enjoyed this video tis very inspiration to see how hard these player word to become better at their skill can i have a free vive

  • Grace Moshi19. apríla 2022Odpovedať


  • Efe Gürbüz19. apríla 2022Odpovedať

    I really love to play games and one day I have a dream to represent my country in the game I played. I want to be an e-sports player, but because of my possibilities, I only play normal games. These kinds of movies and documentaries catch my attention and inspire me. this movie is inspiring for real gamers. may I have a free headset :/ ?

  • Gold Genius19. apríla 2022Odpovedať

    This is so inperational makes me want to do this

  • This movie is so inspirational I like how they work for them Dream
    10/10 movie was good

  • TumaltyR19. apríla 2022Odpovedať

    thank you for you amazing content really enjoyed can i get a free htc vive

  • Kevin Fong19. apríla 2022Odpovedať

    This video inspired me a lot to continue to pursue my career in videogame development and programming. You guys are awesome, could I get a free vive so I could use it for my studies and game development programming class

  • I love this can I have a vive plz?

  • Suci Novianti19. apríla 2022Odpovedať

    OMG. This movie its a life lesson my heart is so emotionel.And i think they are very brave.can i have a HTC VIVE pls

  • poralsfx19. apríla 2022Odpovedať

    I love how much effort went in this movie i loved everything for example the game that the team won 1 m dollar i would love fre vive htc

  • Em Wesly19. apríla 2022Odpovedať

    Loved this movie and it's great to see people getting the recognition for their hard work.

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