Building a dinosaur from a chicken | Jack Horner

TED12 apríla, 2022 Renowned paleontologist Jack Horner has spent his career trying to reconstruct a dinosaur. He’s found fossils with extraordinarily well-preserved blood vessels and soft tissues, but never intact DNA. So, in a new approach, he’s taking living descendants of the dinosaur (chickens) and genetically engineering them to reactivate ancestral traits — including teeth, tails, and even hands — to make a „Chickenosaurus“.

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  • Godzilla12. apríla 2022Odpovedať

    Everyone grab a gun or a rock and shoot all living birds

  • Lo12. apríla 2022Odpovedať

    Chickens are already dinosaurs though

  • Craig Deshler12. apríla 2022Odpovedať

    Sorry to tell you you did not extract anything that was 85 million years old… It couldn't possibly been 85 million years old… 6,000 years maybe.. of course you're going to shove the 85 million years down our throat… Man walked with the dinosaurs in the garden… Dinosaurs died with the flood… Along with everybody else, except 8..folks… You people are always trying to sell your little fairy tale of evolution… That we all came from a bowling cauldron of soup… After it rained on the rocks for millions of years… There wasn't any Oxygen but the rocks absorb the oxygen… And from your primordial soup that came off a rock that absorbed oxygen in water… Popped microbial life… Then finally it crawled out onto the land and could speak… You're just stupid… If you believe in evolution… Not to mention it's going to be hot ,,wherever you go when you leave here… GOD MADE EVERYTHING… IN 6 24 HOUR DAYS… HE TOOK A NAP ON THE 7TH… THEN HE SENT HIS SON JESUS.. TO SAVE US FROM OUR STUPIDITY… WHAT YOU SCIENTISTS CONTINUE TO SELL AS SCIENCE,, BUT IT'S REALLY A RELIGION,, TAKES PEOPLE AWAY FROM GOD AND JESUS THEIR SAVIOR.. SO CONTINUE DOWN THIS ROAD… YOU WON'T LIKE THE END RESULTS,, WHICH LAST A HECK OF A LOT LONGER, THAN THIS MEASLY HUNDRED YEARS…JUST SAYING..LIKE IT ,,OR NOT..

  • Thats what I plan to do if I fail to be a palentologist

  • Pseudoscience.

  • You idiots think you can build a dinosaur from a chicken but insist God couldn't build Adam from the earth and Eve from his rib.

  • scudthemud12. apríla 2022Odpovedať

    Jack Horner was caught hooking up with Mary lol

  • ThePessimist12. apríla 2022Odpovedať

    My question is: Why is it never talked about the hips of current birds and those that became extinct after the disappearance of non-avian theropod dinosaurs?

    If birds are descended from non-avian theropod saurischian dinosaurs, why do they have hips like ornithischian dinosaurs?

    From what I've heard it would be evolutionary convergence. If so, can the gene or genes that made that change be discovered or has it already been lost?

  • Alan F Brookes12. apríla 2022Odpovedať

    Fry aren't you aren't with turkey?

  • Tyler Ford12. apríla 2022Odpovedať

    Yes, we do need to make a dinosaurs according to my God!

  • Evolution is the greatest joke of the century

  • Hero Hamza12. apríla 2022Odpovedať

    Is this what we call maniraptora chicken?

  • William Niland12. apríla 2022Odpovedať

    This dude is ridiculous. Blood vessels clearly means it isn’t millions of years old. Worst part is there’s a room full of people listening to this nonsense 🥴

  • RegularRoblox12. apríla 2022Odpovedať

    Remember, this is the guy who said that t rexes were scavengers. Also if the chickenosaurus were to actually exist, it would basically be an anomaly with genetic modifications. A monster.

  • Kenny G G12. apríla 2022Odpovedať

    Give birth in outer space and see what happends

  • Kenny G G12. apríla 2022Odpovedať

    DNA altered 65 million yrs ago

  • rayson raypay12. apríla 2022Odpovedať

    Dinosaurs were called dragons before the 1800’s and lived with humans only a few thousand years ago.
    The geologic column is a lie that serves to replace the true origin story of life.
    Watch Kent Hovind’s seminars here on YouTube for the truth.

  • They will also create the Reptilians in the future …………….

  • Mr. Grey12. apríla 2022Odpovedať

    Well this went nowhere.

  • Make this happen!

  • Nick Graham12. apríla 2022Odpovedať

    The audiences laugh and being fool sitting there but when you think about it.. what doc tres to do with chicken is extremely dangerous. People need to think about that…

  • If human goes ant mode we'll have real dinosaur without doing anything nor everything,

  • Gracia12. apríla 2022Odpovedať

    No A Bird is a bird and Adam named each one of them , dont rename them .Dont clone or mix 2 different types of animals , what they try to recreate is a little dragon ..repent stop it stop it stop it stop it now 🙍🏻‍♀️ .Sir God Loves you and Jesus Saves but you need to repent …why not spending youre time with saving animals or creatures that are still alive today … were not born for this ….

  • Kasey Cesena12. apríla 2022Odpovedať

    I think it's a bad idea lol

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